Early Childhood Learning

Share the gift of KNOWLEDGE:  Early Childhood Learning 
The Rigålu Foundation is a proud partner of Guam’s Early Childhood Development and Educational initiatives.  With our eyes on the nenis from birth to five, you can be sure that sharing your gift with Guam through Rigålu Foundation will have long-term impact on our island’s most precious resource:  our children.
Your support will help make sure that a broad range of early childhood services, service providers, researchers and awareness campaigns reach the families and children who need us most.
Rigålu Gift Knowledge Network:
·  Early Childhood Development Council
·  First Lady’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Special Needs Children
·  I Fama’gu’on Ta


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Thank you, Guam, for you generous donations.

You helped to make the "Gift of Love Telethon"
a wonderful success!


At any given time, Guam can have more than 200 children under Child Protective Services.  With less than 30 licensed foster families, there remains a great need for emergency shelter facilities to care for local foster children.

The First Lady 's Rigålu Foundation has committed its effort to build “The Rigålu House,” an emergency shelter to house Guam’s foster children.  The "Gift of Love Telethon", first started in 2012, has drawn major support from local non-profit organizations, businesses and caring Guamanians who want to help.
The telethon was broadcasted live from the Cars Plus Showroom in Maite on PBS Channel 12 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. on April 30, 2015 with live streaming in this website.  Raffle tickets for prizes included a brand new car and a baby grand prize of $5,000.00. Raffle tickets were on sale through the Rigålu Foundation.
For more information about the “Gift of Love Telethon” or The Rigålu House, email us at rigaluguam@gmail.com. Thank you for joining us on April, 30, 2015!